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I've got s**t to say...
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Lend your ear over here. I've got alot to say.

Shredmaster is out. He may play good guitar, but he's out. No longer is affiliated with ZINCPITCHNINE in any way.

Linda and PJ have stepped in to get involved. They are bassist and guitarist, in order. More information will be coming soon on them, by them.

I've been going through some really rough shit lately. All sorts of things have been putting obstacles that will take awhile to lift off of me. I'm tired of getting fucked with by these communist pigs here in Alamance County. Glad I don't live here anymore :o). I'd rather not talk about it, but I've never understood more now than in the last two months why people want to kill other people. Because they make a person's life an absolute unbearing hell and it makes them insane. I'm not saying I'd kill anyone... but I do understand.

I'm putting my anger where it is the smart place to be. I'd like to go and beat the hell out of the people that are hurting me, but I'm incorporating my anger and pissed-offdom into my songs. They will be alot darker and more pre-angst in the tale of America. So expect this ZINCPITCHNINE project to be something devastating. It will make you think on life.

It's me.  This is me.  Put me on your desktop.  Make your parents proud.

I wish I didn't live in Graham, NC. Well actually Alamance County. The law here is corrupt as hell and nobody trusts the cops, let alone me. They make me angry everytime I see them. It's like, "Where the hell are my tax dollars really going?". Let me just take my tax contribution to the US and flush it down the toilet. I may get better results.

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What's New?

What's new... I live in Pennsylvania now. North Carolina sucks. Get out while you still can.

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